Materials used to manufacture wardrobes

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Furniture is integral to any home; more or less an investment most people make once or twice in their lifetime. That’s why the furniture you purchase should be long-lasting. We, at, realize the importance of the durability of furniture and hence, we ensure that the materials used to manufacture the furniture undergo constant quality checks. We are committed to not just provide you with the best quality furniture but we think it is our responsibility to familiarize you with the kind of materials we use so that you can make a well-informed decision about what you want. 

Particle Board

Particle board is an engineered or man-made wood manufactured by gluing together the wood chips, shavings, and sometimes sawdust. It is extensively used across the world for manufacturing furniture that is not exposed to humidity and moisture. Particle board that comes with a layer of lamination done on its surface to make it more enduring is known as Pre-laminated board.

Some advantages of using particle board are listed below:
·         As long as the lamination does not wear off, the particle board does not warp.
·         It does not dent or distort as other soft woods
·         It does not expand or contract due to change in weather.
·       It bends well due to low weight and density and can be easily used to create long and wide wardrobe doors.
·         It is much cheaper than solid wood.
·         It is durable in absence of moisture. As moisture can harm the particle board wardrobes, it is not recommended to use it for kitchen furnishings.
·         It is portable due to its light weight.

Particle boards are available in varied thickness and density. So, you can basically choose the strength depending on your needs. Also, they are available in wide array of colors that you can choose from.

Medium-density Fiber (MDF)

MDF is an engineered wood made by gluing together the recycled wood fibers by using resin as a binder. High pressure and temperature is applied to form panels of MDF.
The benefits of using MDF are listed as follows:

·         It is stronger than particle board.
·         It is cheaper than plywood and remains unaffected dues to changes in weather.
·     The water resistant variety of MDF does not swell due to moisture and remains intact unlike the solid wood.
·      It has a smooth surface without any knots or grains unlike the solid wood. So, it is easier to cut it into various shapes, sizes and designs.
·         Its smooth surface also ensures that it is ideal for painting. You can easily paint it to look like real wood.
·         MDF is a good substrate for veneering.

Boiling Waterproof Plywood (BWP Plywood)

BWP plywood is an engineered wood, resistant to moisture and high temperature, created from the thin layers of wood glued together at right angles tightly by using Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resin.

Some of the advantages of using BWP plywood are as follows:

·         It is better than solid wood at handling water exposure; thereby making it a popular choice for constructing kitchen cabinets. However, for wardrobes that are not normally exposed to moisture, MDF or Particle board are better choices as they are more cost-effective.
·         It is free from termite or borer attacks.
·         It is stronger and more durable than MDF or particle board and is lesser prone to warping as the wood is glued together perpendicularly.
·         It can be covered with the laminates or veneers that fit your needs.

All three of these engineered woods have their unique benefits and our expert designers utilize them in ways to ensure that our customers get sturdy furniture at affordable prices. We conduct various quality checks at different stages of the manufacturing cycle to check that there is no compromise with the quality of the goods produced.


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