Designing U-shaped kitchen

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If cooking is your game and entertaining guests to home parties excites you, it is a sure thing that you cannot compromise on the quality of your kitchen. It is best to have a kitchen where you can cook and entertain guests at the same time. A U-shaped kitchen with an island might best suit your needs as many experts consider it as one of the best design that has best of the both worlds. It has an efficient working space and can also accommodate guests without looking too crowded.

 The layout of this traditional design has two shelves joined by another perpendicular shelf. Being a traditional design, the U-shaped kitchen incorporates the working triangle quite well which allows you to efficiently operate between the sink, stove, and the refrigeration.

It requires a little more space to build kitchen with a U-shaped design rather than a straight or L-shaped design. But unlike them, the U-shaped kitchens with three shelves provides generous space for more than one person to cook simultaneously. It provides ample storage as well. You can build both wall units and base units for each shelf. Even the two corners can be planned well to be used for storage.

An island can also be clubbed with stools to make it ideal for entertaining guests. This design lets you interact with your guests yet keep them out of your working space. Some people also used the side of the island that opens into the kitchen for building drawers and cabinets. So, it looks like a little bureau that serves multiple purposes.

However, U-shaped kitchen does not necessarily require and island to facilitate seating in the kitchen. If it as an open kitchen where one shelf is free from the wall, one of its side can be used with some chairs or stools to entertain guests.

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