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When you are one of the most read interior design bloggers in India who constantly shares stories to beautify and decorate homes, you know right away which part of your own home needs a little refurbishing. Ms. Disha Mishra Dubey who writes the famous blog, Design D├ęcor & Disha, knew she wanted to change the drapes in her living space to uplift the whole mood of the room. But her plans kept getting delayed because of the festive season.

The festive season brings with itself the feast and revelries all drenched in delicious nostalgic charm but not without the bedlam of the markets -- shops teeming with people. The prices soar and it becomes difficult to buy a perfect piece if you are a picky shopper. So, Ms. Disha decided to save redecorating her windows for a later time. That was until we dropped her an email that we now supply made-to-order curtains at the doorstep of our customers.

Straightaway, she decided to explore what we offered at the comfort of her home. As we found out later, her shopping experience with us was extremely satisfying. In her blog, she explains simple steps of shopping for customized curtains with us. Here I will list these steps to give you an idea.
1.       Navigate to our landing page of curtains and click Customize & Buy button.

2.      Select the curtain heading style.

3.      Select the fabric of your choice.

      Confused about which fabric you want to buy? You can order up to 15 fabric samples from us by clicking Add to samples link on the fabrics in the Fabric window by paying a refundable deposit. These samples will be delivered at your doorstep so that you can touch and feel the fabric. You can return the samples by scheduling the pick-up with our agent and the deposit will be refunded to your account.

4.      Enter the measurements of the curtains such as width and height in the right panel. For any help, you can consult our measurement guide in the left panel.

5.  Select if you want lining for your curtains. In case you do, choose one among polyester or blackout lining.

6.      In the Hardware area, select the hardware sets if you want to buy the hardware accessories.

7.      You can now view your cart. You can check the details of your order here and click add to Cart to place an order.

8.     Make the online payment to book your order after filling the details like shipping address.

She mentioned it was so easy to shop with us that she ordered curtains while helping her son with his homework.
Ms. Disha ordered fabric samples from us so that she could make a better decision about the fabric she wanted to buy. She was impressed with the quality of the fabrics and their aesthetic appeal. The samples helped her in deciding what kind of curtains she really wanted for her living room.

We are sharing some pictures she clicked of the samples and the curtains. True to her profession, she clicked various pictures of the windows to stress how the whole space looks very elegant after changing the drapes. You can also see the before and after pictures of the windows.

We are grateful for all her kind words. We also appreciate that she allowed us to use the pictures. We feel extremely happy to share a customer success story. We are always open to feedback. Please write to us if you have any suggestions as we are always looking for ways to improve.

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