What is curtain fullness?

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Decoding curtain fullness and pleating

Ever wondered why number of curtains required to cover a window of the same dimensions changes depending on the heading style. The answer is the fullness ratio. Confused? Don’t be, we are here to simplify for you the concept of the curtain fullness ratio and how it impacts the price of the curtain.

A curtain when stitched has pleats along the width that provides more depth and richer look to the curtain. To calculate the width of a curtain, you first need to measure the length of the curtain rod on which it needs to be hung. However, the curtains are not used flat out which means you also need fabric to account for the pleats. So, if the curtain rod is 56’’, it does not mean a fabric of width 56’’ will cover it. Now how much you need to account for the pleats depends on the particular heading style. Therefore, the fullness ratio of the curtains is the ratio between actual width of fabric required for the curtain and length of the curtain pole.

The fullness ratio depends on the different heading styles:

Let us calculate the width of fabric required for a curtain rod of 50 inches length for various heading styles. The formula is as follows:

Width of fabric required = Length of the curtain rod x fullness ratio

From the table above, it is clear that for curtain heading styles such as pinch pleat and ripple fold; more fabric is required to cover the window of same dimensions. Therefore, you need more curtains to cover the same window which in turn increases the money you need to spend on the curtains. However, the tab top curtains are used almost flat out, therefore they are the most cost effective of the lot. Also stitching some heading styles is more complex than the others; therefore, the cost of stitching of different heading styles may also vary.

We hope this post was useful in understanding the curtain fullness ratio. When you buy curtains from us you never have to worry about all these calculations. We always provide the right amount of fabric when you enter the dimensions and the curtain heading style.