Do you want to transform your home into an exotic country side resort?

Contemporary Rustic Home Styling gives an exotic look to your living space.

Emphasis is to be laid on traditional materials with woody or natural furnishing. Optimism in this concept is inherited from ideas, styles or taste derived from nature. It is important to be very choosy of the theme used in this style. Simple furnishing elements with little embellishments like handcrafted accessories, distressed materials with matched-up upholstery combined with perfectly fitted sturdy teak wood made sofa, dining table set and other loose furniture, as per space availability, gives a flavor that gets the style to stand out.

Over-crowding of any fitting by using multipurpose furniture is to be avoided. Matt texture finish, with woody natural veins - polished miniature designs can be used. Soft leafy motifs printed curtains that appeals with other furnishing is advisable.

Soft oriental pastels with country colors of olive green and rusty brown creates an irresistible feeling of awe. Complete the look with tribal art scenes sampling women carrying a vessel on her head, children playing under banyan tree etc. to give the storyboard, the perfect hinterland touch.

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How should you select curtains for home

Curtains are the components of your decor that is often discounted and postponed when we execute an interior designing project. Curtains however are the indispensable ingredient to an exotic living space. 
But quite surprisingly, depending on the size of your windows, Most of the time we end up gazing in the direction of a busy street side across the window or a big brilliant green tree to vent out emotions and to seek internal harmony.

Hence, more often than not, a window shares our everyday joys and sorrows, problems and solutions, colours and contours.

This is exactly why you must select the right curtains. Curtains reflect the real you. The meaning of your life is reflected in the colours you select. This philosophy can be applied to derive positive energy in your life. You can take such colour cues from how you feel when you come across the colour. Some chromatic psychology theories does attribute characteristics that colour can encapsulate. yellow for instant stands for Optimism, Clarity & Warmth while blue denotes Trust, Dependability & Strength. Green and peace has has remained as a popular correlation with light Grey symbolising Balance & Calm.

The patterns and utility of curtains/ blinds is a significant contributor to reinvent your living space. If you are some one who cannot handle too many colours for a long time, you must go in for a self-design motif printed curtains. If you are someone who would want your window to be a special piece in your room, you can go for printed single image curtains. On the contrary if you are someone who would prefer a plain furniture and a filled wall setting, pattern printed curtains are best for you. Curtains have another important role. In order to change the looks of the room and feel dynamic among all the static furniture, all that you need to do is dress your room up with a fantastic pair of curtains. You can try out various styles of curtains at All these apart curtains can evoke varied emotions by readily altering the natural lighting in your personal space. 

If you would like to change the season of your home, just go ahead and change your curtains :)

Customer Success Story

 We determine our success based on the satisfaction of our customers. So, it was a pat on our back when our customer, Mr. G Venkatrama, wrote to us, “We are very happy with the job done in our flat. We specially want to thank Priyanka for all the hard work that she put in. Your designs have definitely reached our satisfaction and expectations. I thank the Customfurnish team for their hard work.”
Mr. Venkatrama approached us with his floor plan after seeing our Facebook post. Then our interior designer, Ms. Priyanka, visited his flat to understand his specific needs and make design suggestions. Our experts took the measurements for the wardrobes, modular kitchen, and entertainment unit.

The existing civil structures had to be dismantled in the kitchen so, as to create the modular kitchen and utilize the space in the best possible way. Mr Venkatrama was very co-operative and got the civil structures dismantled promptly so that modular units could be created and fitted. The wall units in the kitchen were given transparent shutters so that components inside the cabinet are easily visible. The chestnut colored base units contrast well with the floor and the wall units giving a warm appearance to the kitchen.
 The space beside the window in the bedroom can be used as a table as well as for the storage. It can be clubbed with a chair and used as a reading space.

As the living and dining space was quite huge, Priyanka suggested that a partition would really enhance the look of the space. A contemporary CNC partition designed for the living space was created to contrast well with the existing glass partition and complement it.

The entertainment unit with wall paneling is the focal point of the living room with the vibrant textured paint in the background. Priyanka suggested to use textured paints as they are a rage these days. The Persian blue is textured with sapphire color on the wall behind the TV units. 

The crimson colored wall with yellow textures gives another wall in the living space a striking finish. The entire work took less than 21 days to finish and the installation of wardrobes and kitchens was hassle free and prompt.

We would like to thank Mr. G. Venkatrama for choosing for full house furnishing for his home. We are grateful for his kind words and co-operation during the project. We hope to share many such stories in future.

Benefits of the false ceiling

Bring more aesthetic charm to your home with a false ceiling
Imagine you have a star studded night sky in your bedroom and you can stare at the galaxy of stars with your spouse while Don McLean’s Starry, starry nights plays in the background. It will be surreal, artistic, and romantic and you can totally own it. Well, the exquisite designs of false ceilings and modern lighting make these dreams a reality today.
Often when people imagine a false ceiling, they think of those immaterial boring boards suspended in offices that look like a grid. But the residential false ceiling is far from boring. It can be classy, funky, vibrant, elegant, or bizarre; basically anything you want. You can explore a million design options and choose the one that suits the tone you want to give to your room. The finishing can be done with paint or wallpaper as per your choice.
A false ceiling, also known as suspended ceiling, is a secondary ceiling suspended from the main ceiling with the help of a galvanized iron (GI) frame. There are three types of material that are used to create a false ceiling and give a definitive look to the room: gypsum board, wood panels and POP. Gypsum board is the most popular choice in recent times. I will be writing another post on why gypsum board is the best available choice in the market compared to the other two. However, here I intend to elucidate that the function of a gypsum board false ceiling is not just limited to enhancing the visual charm of the home.

Sure, a false ceiling creates a fascinating facade to conceal all the clutter of wires, AC ducts, copper pipes and other fixtures on the ceiling. However, one of the most significant uses that false ceiling can bring to your home is energy conservation. As the false ceiling reduces the volume of the room, the air conditioning becomes more effective. As the power consumption decreases, air conditioning becomes more affordable. Besides, it also provides thermal insulation because of an air gap that is created between the soffit and the false ceiling which does not allow the outside heat enter the room. Hence, it keeps the rooms warm in winters and cool in summers. That is not all; the gypsum board ceiling also has acoustic properties which reduces the noise levels in your home by blocking the outside noise. Gypsum board is also fire resistant unlike the wood panels.

The false ceiling gives you an opportunity to play with lights more elaborately and innovatively than you could before. If you have a reading space, you can add spot lighting. You can make the lighting more uniform in the rooms or you can use designer chandeliers. There are so many types of lighting available in the market these days that you just need to mention what you want it for and dealer will hand it over to you.
I hope that this post clarified some of your doubts about false ceiling and its benefits.

Living rooms with light colored couches

Design ideas for warm neutral colored sofas

Whites and warm neutral colors like cream, faun, and camel are like the evergreen colors in decor. They look elegant and classy. So, it is no surprise that a lot of people choose light colored couches even though it takes effort to maintain them. I must confess I love the number of options that a light colored sofa leaves you with to decorate your room. Of the most obvious, the bright cushion covers go really well with the neutral colors. 

If you are moving to your new house and have love for neutral colors like me, you can opt to contrast it with chestnut textured flooring, false ceiling, and entertainment space. The living room in this picture plays with this variation to define the space. With a wood finish flooring, a faun colored carpet is matched with cream couch which is decorated with bright red cushions.

You can play with the shades of wood as in this living room. The flooring is lighter shade of brown clubbed with mahogany colored center table and entertainment units. Though flooring and ceiling work could not always be taken up so, you can always depend on more affordable and less cumbersome options like curtains, wallpapers, and cushion covers. Mild orange cushion covers and curtains do not make the room very flashy and just offer enough contrast to complete the look.

My personal favorite is this camel colored Victorian sofa. The bright multicolored cushions with glossy silk finish combined with a light lemon and green wallpaper brings such a luxurious look to the room. Green pastels have been carefully contrasted in paintings, cushions, and ottoman here.

Wallpapers and textured paint certainly can do wonders to your room. The wall behind entertainment unit is painted with flat textures of mellowed red against the white backdrop. Grey and yellow color is an attractive combination to see as both these colors complement each other. The wallpaper of grey color with lemon artwork and yellow window frames balances the white walls and curtains.

 And who can forget the clean look a combination of black and white can give. This living room uses greys and blacks to contrast with creams and whites which gives a very modern look to the room without any clutter.

Top Interior design blogger reviews our curtains

When you are one of the most read interior design bloggers in India who constantly shares stories to beautify and decorate homes, you know right away which part of your own home needs a little refurbishing. Ms. Disha Mishra Dubey who writes the famous blog, Design D├ęcor & Disha, knew she wanted to change the drapes in her living space to uplift the whole mood of the room. But her plans kept getting delayed because of the festive season.

The festive season brings with itself the feast and revelries all drenched in delicious nostalgic charm but not without the bedlam of the markets -- shops teeming with people. The prices soar and it becomes difficult to buy a perfect piece if you are a picky shopper. So, Ms. Disha decided to save redecorating her windows for a later time. That was until we dropped her an email that we now supply made-to-order curtains at the doorstep of our customers.

Straightaway, she decided to explore what we offered at the comfort of her home. As we found out later, her shopping experience with us was extremely satisfying. In her blog, she explains simple steps of shopping for customized curtains with us. Here I will list these steps to give you an idea.
1.       Navigate to our landing page of curtains and click Customize & Buy button.

2.      Select the curtain heading style.

3.      Select the fabric of your choice.

      Confused about which fabric you want to buy? You can order up to 15 fabric samples from us by clicking Add to samples link on the fabrics in the Fabric window by paying a refundable deposit. These samples will be delivered at your doorstep so that you can touch and feel the fabric. You can return the samples by scheduling the pick-up with our agent and the deposit will be refunded to your account.

4.      Enter the measurements of the curtains such as width and height in the right panel. For any help, you can consult our measurement guide in the left panel.

5.  Select if you want lining for your curtains. In case you do, choose one among polyester or blackout lining.

6.      In the Hardware area, select the hardware sets if you want to buy the hardware accessories.

7.      You can now view your cart. You can check the details of your order here and click add to Cart to place an order.

8.     Make the online payment to book your order after filling the details like shipping address.

She mentioned it was so easy to shop with us that she ordered curtains while helping her son with his homework.
Ms. Disha ordered fabric samples from us so that she could make a better decision about the fabric she wanted to buy. She was impressed with the quality of the fabrics and their aesthetic appeal. The samples helped her in deciding what kind of curtains she really wanted for her living room.

We are sharing some pictures she clicked of the samples and the curtains. True to her profession, she clicked various pictures of the windows to stress how the whole space looks very elegant after changing the drapes. You can also see the before and after pictures of the windows.

We are grateful for all her kind words. We also appreciate that she allowed us to use the pictures. We feel extremely happy to share a customer success story. We are always open to feedback. Please write to us if you have any suggestions as we are always looking for ways to improve.

What is curtain fullness?

Decoding curtain fullness and pleating

Ever wondered why number of curtains required to cover a window of the same dimensions changes depending on the heading style. The answer is the fullness ratio. Confused? Don’t be, we are here to simplify for you the concept of the curtain fullness ratio and how it impacts the price of the curtain.

A curtain when stitched has pleats along the width that provides more depth and richer look to the curtain. To calculate the width of a curtain, you first need to measure the length of the curtain rod on which it needs to be hung. However, the curtains are not used flat out which means you also need fabric to account for the pleats. So, if the curtain rod is 56’’, it does not mean a fabric of width 56’’ will cover it. Now how much you need to account for the pleats depends on the particular heading style. Therefore, the fullness ratio of the curtains is the ratio between actual width of fabric required for the curtain and length of the curtain pole.

The fullness ratio depends on the different heading styles:

Let us calculate the width of fabric required for a curtain rod of 50 inches length for various heading styles. The formula is as follows:

Width of fabric required = Length of the curtain rod x fullness ratio

From the table above, it is clear that for curtain heading styles such as pinch pleat and ripple fold; more fabric is required to cover the window of same dimensions. Therefore, you need more curtains to cover the same window which in turn increases the money you need to spend on the curtains. However, the tab top curtains are used almost flat out, therefore they are the most cost effective of the lot. Also stitching some heading styles is more complex than the others; therefore, the cost of stitching of different heading styles may also vary.

We hope this post was useful in understanding the curtain fullness ratio. When you buy curtains from us you never have to worry about all these calculations. We always provide the right amount of fabric when you enter the dimensions and the curtain heading style.

Wardrobe Pricing Guide

Furniture is not like spices! Because if it were, you would just pick a wardrobe from a store for the quoted price and won't get muddled by the price. Most of us do not understand the differences between various types of engineered wood and other materials and just end up buying what appeals most to our eye in our budget. Yet, we are never sure if the price paid by us is actually right. For the exact price, the detailed design is required but with just details like dimensions, we can get a rough estimate of the price.

Body of the wardrobe

You can choose the material you want for the body of the wardrobe. To get a better idea of different types of materials, refer our material guide. The price of different materials is roughly as follows:

Material Type
Price (Rs/square feet)
Pre-laminated Particle board
Pre-laminated MDF
MDF Veneer
Pre-laminated Plywood
Plywood Veneer

MDF veneer and Plywood veneer are generally used for the doors and exteriors to give appearance of the wood. However for the interiors, shelves, or drawers, you can use pre-laminated particle board, MDF or plywood as it is economical.

Besides, you can also choose to get the popular printed doors for your wardrobes. MDF is used for printed doors and costs around Rs. 1200 per square feet.

The standard size of a wardrobe ranges from 6.5 to 7 feet in height and 3.5 to 4 feet in width. The cost of the carcass should be roughly as follows:                                                                                                         
Material Type
Price (in Rs)
Flat panel doors
Sliding doors
Pre-laminated Particle board
Pre-laminated MDF
MDF Veneer
Pre-laminated Plywood
Plywood Veneer
Pre-laminated MDF with printed doors

The cost of wardrobes with sliding door is more because it requires additional hardware to slide. The cost of hardware that goes in sliding doors is in the range of Rs. 6000 to Rs. 7000 for a cupboard of 7x4 square feet dimensions.


Most people prefer to have a mirror fixed on the wardrobe in the bedroom so as to save space and create an illusion of a bigger room. The mirror costs roughly around Rs 450 per square feet. A full panel mirror for a 7 feet cupboard and 1.5 wide door will cost Rs 4700. Lot of people prefer to get a mirror that covers only half the panel to save on the cost. A semi panel mirror should cost only Rs. 2400.


The hardware generally includes handles, hanging rods, sliders and hinges for the wardrobe. The handles may cost anything in the range of Rs. 200 to Rs. 800 per piece. The price of the handles depends upon the brand and mass of the metal used. The cost of hanging rod and supports depends on the length of the rod. A simple 24 inch rod should cost anything between Rs. 100 to Rs 150. Sliding shelves, drawers, or shoe shelves of standard size may cost anything in the range of Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1800. The exact price will depend on the dimensions.

Fabric for every season: Benefits of Removable Sofa covers

Give a new look to your sofa every season with removable covers

Before you got that cute pup for yourself, the couch was your place to laze around. Now it’s the favorite place of your darling dog who sneaks on it on every occasion possible. Result being, the sofa gets dirty faster and needs to be cleaned more frequently. The removable covers for sofa have become a new rage that are perfect for homes with kids and dogs.

As the name suggests, removable covers for sofas could be removed completely inclusive of the body, back cushions, and seat cushions. You can remove them to clean and then zip them back on. The fabrics like cotton, cotton blend, or polyester blend can be safely washed in your washing machine.  However, it is best to follow the washing instructions before you plunge the fabric into your washing machine. In case the fabric bleeds color while washing, the covers would look awful. or even worse, if the fabric shrinks, it will become practically useless. So when in doubt, always get the sofa covers dry cleaned from a good dry cleaners. The removable covers generally have some buffer to account for shrinkage; ensure to check that before you buy your covers.

Another advantage of using removable sofa cover is that you can change the look of your whole living room by just changing the covers. It is much cheaper than buying a new sofa. Some people prefer to change the fabric covers depending upon the season. Also you have flexibility to use a washable sofa cover on routine basis and change it to a plush, dry clean only fabric on special occasions. You can hence have the best of both worlds.

But a fabric sofa has its own set of challenges that you must know about before you invest in one. Unlike a leather sofa, fabric sofas are more prone to staining from food. Even when they are washable, some stains are difficult to remove. Also with constant washing and exposure to sunlight the fabrics like cotton fade and wear off. And if the fabrics used are of poor quality, there are chances of pilling. However, if you encounter any of these problems with removable sofa covers, it is easier to fix by just changing the cover as compared to fixed cover. Always ensure that the fabric used for sofa covers has a tight weave, higher GSM and can sustain more number of rubs.