Fabric for every season: Benefits of Removable Sofa covers

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Give a new look to your sofa every season with removable covers

Before you got that cute pup for yourself, the couch was your place to laze around. Now it’s the favorite place of your darling dog who sneaks on it on every occasion possible. Result being, the sofa gets dirty faster and needs to be cleaned more frequently. The removable covers for sofa have become a new rage that are perfect for homes with kids and dogs.

As the name suggests, removable covers for sofas could be removed completely inclusive of the body, back cushions, and seat cushions. You can remove them to clean and then zip them back on. The fabrics like cotton, cotton blend, or polyester blend can be safely washed in your washing machine.  However, it is best to follow the washing instructions before you plunge the fabric into your washing machine. In case the fabric bleeds color while washing, the covers would look awful. or even worse, if the fabric shrinks, it will become practically useless. So when in doubt, always get the sofa covers dry cleaned from a good dry cleaners. The removable covers generally have some buffer to account for shrinkage; ensure to check that before you buy your covers.

Another advantage of using removable sofa cover is that you can change the look of your whole living room by just changing the covers. It is much cheaper than buying a new sofa. Some people prefer to change the fabric covers depending upon the season. Also you have flexibility to use a washable sofa cover on routine basis and change it to a plush, dry clean only fabric on special occasions. You can hence have the best of both worlds.

But a fabric sofa has its own set of challenges that you must know about before you invest in one. Unlike a leather sofa, fabric sofas are more prone to staining from food. Even when they are washable, some stains are difficult to remove. Also with constant washing and exposure to sunlight the fabrics like cotton fade and wear off. And if the fabrics used are of poor quality, there are chances of pilling. However, if you encounter any of these problems with removable sofa covers, it is easier to fix by just changing the cover as compared to fixed cover. Always ensure that the fabric used for sofa covers has a tight weave, higher GSM and can sustain more number of rubs.


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