Wardrobe Pricing Guide

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Furniture is not like spices! Because if it were, you would just pick a wardrobe from a store for the quoted price and won't get muddled by the price. Most of us do not understand the differences between various types of engineered wood and other materials and just end up buying what appeals most to our eye in our budget. Yet, we are never sure if the price paid by us is actually right. For the exact price, the detailed design is required but with just details like dimensions, we can get a rough estimate of the price.

Body of the wardrobe

You can choose the material you want for the body of the wardrobe. To get a better idea of different types of materials, refer our material guide. The price of different materials is roughly as follows:

Material Type
Price (Rs/square feet)
Pre-laminated Particle board
Pre-laminated MDF
MDF Veneer
Pre-laminated Plywood
Plywood Veneer

MDF veneer and Plywood veneer are generally used for the doors and exteriors to give appearance of the wood. However for the interiors, shelves, or drawers, you can use pre-laminated particle board, MDF or plywood as it is economical.

Besides, you can also choose to get the popular printed doors for your wardrobes. MDF is used for printed doors and costs around Rs. 1200 per square feet.

The standard size of a wardrobe ranges from 6.5 to 7 feet in height and 3.5 to 4 feet in width. The cost of the carcass should be roughly as follows:                                                                                                         
Material Type
Price (in Rs)
Flat panel doors
Sliding doors
Pre-laminated Particle board
Pre-laminated MDF
MDF Veneer
Pre-laminated Plywood
Plywood Veneer
Pre-laminated MDF with printed doors

The cost of wardrobes with sliding door is more because it requires additional hardware to slide. The cost of hardware that goes in sliding doors is in the range of Rs. 6000 to Rs. 7000 for a cupboard of 7x4 square feet dimensions.


Most people prefer to have a mirror fixed on the wardrobe in the bedroom so as to save space and create an illusion of a bigger room. The mirror costs roughly around Rs 450 per square feet. A full panel mirror for a 7 feet cupboard and 1.5 wide door will cost Rs 4700. Lot of people prefer to get a mirror that covers only half the panel to save on the cost. A semi panel mirror should cost only Rs. 2400.


The hardware generally includes handles, hanging rods, sliders and hinges for the wardrobe. The handles may cost anything in the range of Rs. 200 to Rs. 800 per piece. The price of the handles depends upon the brand and mass of the metal used. The cost of hanging rod and supports depends on the length of the rod. A simple 24 inch rod should cost anything between Rs. 100 to Rs 150. Sliding shelves, drawers, or shoe shelves of standard size may cost anything in the range of Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1800. The exact price will depend on the dimensions.