Why your curtains need lining?

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Everything that the lining does for your curtain

Unless you are using a substantially thick material for curtains, lining them is mostly not optional. Yet, more often than not while you spend tonnes of time in selecting the fabric of curtains or drapes for your home, you do not spend enough time in researching the lining. However, the fact is if that inner layer of lining is not of good quality, your curtains are not going to hang as elegantly as you thought they would. Lining adds life to the curtains, covers the rough edges, and provides better finishing to the hems and sides. If your fabric is ultra-thin and flimsy, lining can do wonders to how your curtain hangs. Some of the commonly used materials for lining the curtains are as follows:

Polyester Lining: Polyester is a man-made fabric, light weight and strong at the same time, making it ideal for lining the curtains. It is perfect when you want your curtains to be durable without being too heavy. Polyester lining provides better shape and structure to your drape. It is easy to care for fabric as it is resistant to creases and shrinking, dries quickly, retains color and can be machine washed. It is popular because it offers all these features yet it is very cost efficient.

Blackout Lining: As the name suggests, blackout lining is an opaque fabric used to block the sunlight.  It helps in keeping the room dark and is ideal for day sleepers. It provides moderate insulation by insulating the windows; thereby keeping the rooms cool in summers and warm in winters. As this material is mostly made of foam, it gives more body and structure to the curtains when they hang.

Blackout lining with interlining: It is similar to blackout lining as it also blocks out the sunlight and helps in keeping the room dark. However, it is more efficient in doing that because of an extra layer of interlining that hangs between the curtain and the lining. So, besides providing thermal insulation and protecting against sunlight damage, it also helps in blocking out the outside noise and keeps your home unperturbed from the noise.

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