Living rooms with light colored couches

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Design ideas for warm neutral colored sofas

Whites and warm neutral colors like cream, faun, and camel are like the evergreen colors in decor. They look elegant and classy. So, it is no surprise that a lot of people choose light colored couches even though it takes effort to maintain them. I must confess I love the number of options that a light colored sofa leaves you with to decorate your room. Of the most obvious, the bright cushion covers go really well with the neutral colors. 

If you are moving to your new house and have love for neutral colors like me, you can opt to contrast it with chestnut textured flooring, false ceiling, and entertainment space. The living room in this picture plays with this variation to define the space. With a wood finish flooring, a faun colored carpet is matched with cream couch which is decorated with bright red cushions.

You can play with the shades of wood as in this living room. The flooring is lighter shade of brown clubbed with mahogany colored center table and entertainment units. Though flooring and ceiling work could not always be taken up so, you can always depend on more affordable and less cumbersome options like curtains, wallpapers, and cushion covers. Mild orange cushion covers and curtains do not make the room very flashy and just offer enough contrast to complete the look.

My personal favorite is this camel colored Victorian sofa. The bright multicolored cushions with glossy silk finish combined with a light lemon and green wallpaper brings such a luxurious look to the room. Green pastels have been carefully contrasted in paintings, cushions, and ottoman here.

Wallpapers and textured paint certainly can do wonders to your room. The wall behind entertainment unit is painted with flat textures of mellowed red against the white backdrop. Grey and yellow color is an attractive combination to see as both these colors complement each other. The wallpaper of grey color with lemon artwork and yellow window frames balances the white walls and curtains.

 And who can forget the clean look a combination of black and white can give. This living room uses greys and blacks to contrast with creams and whites which gives a very modern look to the room without any clutter.