Different types of Curtain Heading Style

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Getting the Curtain Heading Style right!

The type of heading style defines much about how the drape will hang. So, you need to understand different types of available curtain headings for the curtains before choosing any one kind. Some curtain heading styles require more fabric which might increase the cost of your drape. Following are the common styles for the curtain headings.

Eyelet curtains (also known as chrome ring top curtains) come with metal holes at the top of curtain heading which make them easy to hang. Also metal rings are able to withstand lined curtain or heavy fabric like velvet easily.

Pinch-pleated curtains also known as French-pleat curtains are traditional drapes with three equal pleats pinched together to form a bigger pleat at the top. These pleats add volume and fullness to the drapes. You can use any type of fabric for this type; however stitching these curtains may require more material due to more number of pleats.

Classic tab curtains or tab top curtains are hung from the equally spaced tabs or flat loops created with the same fabric as the drape and suits all types of fabrics. While buying the fabric, always remember to buy a bit extra for creating the loops. These are ideal for any casual setting.

Flat Panel Curtains are probably simplest to stitch by boarding the fabric for all the four hems. It has a slot created on the top which is open on both ends for the clip- on rings to go through and you can simple hang them on the rod.

Inverted pleat curtains, as the name suggests, have the pleats on the backside, hidden behind the flat front. They give a gender neutral feel and are very contemporary in style.

Ripple fold curtains have equally spaced holders which make the fabric form smooth curves. It gives a clean look from both sides of the window. However, it is not ideal for areas where you want complete blackout because there is little space left from where the outside light comes in.